Sustainable development leadership in Finnish universities: surveys and interviews 2022-2023

Löyttyniemi, Meri. (2024). Sustainable development leadership in Finnish universities: surveys and interviews 2022-2023
. V. 17.4.2023. University of Jyväskylä.

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DescriptionThe data collection has been used to examine the implementation, prerequisites, strategic priorities (research, teaching, societal interaction, campus) and challenges of sustainable development in Finnish universities. Participants in the study covered all 14 universities. University representatives were invited by contacting the rectors, the registries and through the persons responsible for sustainable development. Human resources were also investigated by contacting registries and HR directors. The universities nominated their own participants for the workshop at the Unifi-Arene sustainability seminar in Tampere in November 2022. The answers to the preliminary assignments were compiled by the universities using a composition of their own choosing. The research method used is 'mixed methods', using both quantitative and qualitative data. The interviews have been analysed using grounded theory and Gioia methods.

Data collected for this project consists of three sub-datasets some of which is are published in an openly accessible form:

1. University workshop materials from a workshop held at the University of Tampere 3-4 November 2022 in Unifi-Arene conference

The following datasets are published openly:
- pre-assignments for each Finnish university (14 in total) in ppt-textformat
- gallup results produced with Mentimeter survey tool, 32 questions evaluated on likert-scale (from 1 to 5)

The following datasets will not be published or archived:
- workshop discussion 2 x 2h (also taped and transcribed)

2. Interview data produced in January-February 2023. One hour long individual interviews were held with 25 university representatives (1-3 from each 14 universities) in MS Teams. The interviews were recorded and transcribed. The dataset will not be published or archived.

3.Survey data on universities´ personnel figures from 14 Finnish universities´ human resources functions and universities' real estate companies (SYK, HYK/HY247, ACRE). Survey was conducted in February 2023 and the questionnaire was in MS Excel format. The dataset will not be published or archived.


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