Database: The Population of the Upper Savonia 1560 - 1860

Turunen, Riina. (2024). Database: The Population of the Upper Savonia 1560 - 1860. V. 4.4.2024. University of Jyväskylä.

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DescriptionThe database contains data from the book "Uudisraivaajien maa. Ylä-Savon asutus ja elämisen ehdot" (2024, Finnish Literature Society, editors Jari Ojala and Riina Turunen), specifically Figure 4 (in the chapter Uudisraivaajien elintaso). Information for compiling the database can be found in the same book in Appendix 1, Ylä-Savon väestö 1560-2010. The household numbers forming the basis of the population series were collected and assessed from original sources by PhD Riina Turunen (JYU), PhD Merja Uotila (JYU), PhD Olli Matikainen (JYU), and PhD Jaana Luttinen (JYU). The series was finalized by PhD Riina Turunen.


Free keywordsUpper Savonia; settlement; population history; economic history; Finland; population

Keywords (YSO)Savonianssettlement historydemographic history

Fields of science615 History and Archaeology

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