Life-Space Mobility in Old Age (LISPE)

Portegijs, Erja; Rantanen, Taina; Rantakokko, Merja; Viljanen, Anne; Kauppinen, Markku. (2021). Life-Space Mobility in Old Age (LISPE). V. 5.8.2019. University of Jyväskylä.

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All authorsPortegijs, Erja; Rantanen, Taina; Rantakokko, Merja; Viljanen, Anne; Kauppinen, Markku

FundersMinistry of Education and CultureResearch Council of Finland



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Publication year2021

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DescriptionThis dataset is part of the LISPE project, which was a 2-year prospective cohort study of community-dwelling older people aged 75 to 90 (n = 848). Baseline data were collected in spring 2012. Participants were interviewed in their own home using standardized questionnaires e.g. on mobility, health, and activity. In addition, a physical performance test and an objective observation of the home environment were conducted. One and two years later, all baseline participants were interviewed over the phone and using an additional postal questionnaire at the two-year assessment. Data were collected e.g. on life-space mobility, disability and participation restriction. Detailed data on physical activity and life-space was collected in a substudy on walking activity, 358 participants kept a 7-day diary following the baseline interview and, in addition, 176 participants also wore an accelerometer. For a detailed methodological description, see the linked protocol article.


Free keywordsLife-space, Mobility, Quality of life, Environment, Participation, Physical activity, Walking, Aging,
Cohort studies

Keywords (YSO)mobilitywell-beingenvironmentparticipationhealth enhancing physical activitywalking (motion)ageingcohort study

Fields of science315 Sport and fitness sciences

Follow-up groupsGerontology and Public Health (Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences LTK, SPORT) TGE

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