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  • D2 Article in a professional book

    Working Hours in Nordic Countries (2020)

    Working hours, health, well-being and participation in working life : Current knowledge and recommendations for health and safety, 19-26, OA

    Anttila, Timo; Lie, Jenny-Anne; Ojala, Satu; Nätti, Jouko

  • D2 Article in a professional book

    Wstęp (2013)

    Cyfrowa fotografia w dokumentacji muzealnej / Digital Photography in museum’s documentation, 4-5, OA

    Kusmidrowicz-Kroll, Anna

  • D2 Article in a professional book

    Wanderer between worlds - Anthropological perspectives on healing rituals and music (2011)

    Humankind - An Introductory reader for cultural anthropology, 137-155, OA

    Fachner, Jörg

  • D2 Article in a professional book

    Weight reduction behaviour (2008)

    Inequalities in Young People's Health : HBSC International Report from the 2005/2006 Survey, Health Policy for Children and adolescents, No. 5, 101-104, OA

    Ojala, Kristiina; Agnes, Nemeth

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