Welcome to the University of Jyväskylä Converis system

Development on research activity module starts. See the bulletin and follow the development status.

Remember to record reportable information on 2023 to Converis and TUTKA:

  • Please report publications of 2023 ASAP. January 2024 shall be reserved to OSC for processing time.
  • Check the data in Converis profile (information of staff and non-employed researchers is daily imported from Converis to new JYU website).
  • Information on project proposals and projects (=applied and received external funding, incl. grants) of 2023 must be up-to-date in Converis.
  • Visits abroad and foreign guests to TUTKA by 9 Feb 2024.
  • Other TUTKA-related information by 29 Feb 2024.

Additional information in bulletin.

Converis is the research information system (CRIS) of University of Jyväskylä. The system contains information about researchers, projects with external funding, publications, and metadata of research data.

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Technical support can be reached via HelpJYU service or e-mail: converis-support@jyu.fi. On issues related to individual modules in Converis, please contact the service providers:

Please see the quick help page on accessing the system. Additional information in Help center (requires JYU account) and CRIS news page. 

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