Elina Kalenius

General description

My research focuses  on organic analytics for circular economy and structural analysis supramolecules. I´m also Manager of our Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (#JYU_MSLab) and I´m responsible for our instrumentation and research done using this facility.

Teaching focuses on methods of organic analytics, mainly chromatographic techniques and mass spectrometry. 

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Research interests

My research focuses on organic analytics for circular economy. Especially we are interested in analytics and recovery of organic valuables in different industrial and plant based side-streams.

We are also active in development of methods for structural analytics of supramolecules, metal coordination compounds and intact proteins. Especially we are interested in methods based on ion-mobility mass spectrometry.

We collaborate in analytics small molecule analytics, especially targeted and untargeted metabolomics, and environmental analytics.

Fields of science

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Personal keywords

mass spectrometry, chromatography, circular economy, metabolomics, organic analytics, structural chemistry

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Projects as Principal investigator

Publications and other outputs

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