Mari Herttalampi

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I work as a senior lecturer in the department of psychology, my area of expertise is well-being in organizations. I have background education as a psycholgist, MA and PhD in psychology, title of docent in work and organizational psychology, and teacher qualifications.

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Research interests

My goal is to share important scientific findings and knowledge about the role of values at work and in well-being with all kinds of different audiences.

I hope to continue working around essential questions that have significant consequences to our lives.
What do you value? Finding answers to this question can help you to find more meaning and purpose to your choices, also regarding the work that you do.

Intriguing, emerging themes that have the potential to change our (working) lives: The humane revolution - a counterforce to digitalization and intensification of work. Democratization of work - from hierarchical organizations towards autonomy and collective leadership. Value-driven motivation and ways to increase it.

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Personal keywords

values; ethical strain; ethical culture; well-being

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