Kaisa Miettinen

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I am inspired by challenges of decision making and my research area is multiobjective optimization. I develop methods and tools for supporting decision making in problems, where several conflicting objectives must be considered simultaneously and the decision maker must find the best possible balance among them. The goodness of the decision can be characterized by objectives based on simulations or various types of data.

I am the head of the Multiobjective Optimization Group (http://www.mit.jyu.fi/optgroup/). My group is partucularly known internationally for developing interactive multiobjective optimization methods. With these methods, a decision maker can find one's most preferred solution by incorporating domain expertise in the solution process. The range of different problem domains relfects the application-independent nature of the methods. Decision problems from health care to logistics and from engineering to sustainable forest management inspire the research and prepresent its impact. 

We develop the open source software framework DESDEO (https://desdeo.it.jyu.fi) in my group. DESDEO includes different interactive multiobjective optimization methods and visualizations to support making better decisions. I study decision analytics with multiple objectives and am the director of the profiling (thematic research) area Decision Analytics utilizing Causal Models and Multiobjective Optimization (https://jyu.fi/demo). I value collaboration with my group members, domain experts and (international) researcher networks.

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Research interests

My methods/software support decision makers to find the best compromise between several conflicting objectives/criteria. Interactive methods enable gaining insight of the nature of the problem considered. Decision makers in various domains (including industry, economy, defence and policy makers) need support to e.g. handle complex entireties and to make data-driven solutions.

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