Anna-Maria Raita-Hakola

General description

Anna-Maria is a postdoctoral researcher with an interest in hyperspectral imaging, machine vision cameras, and machine learning, including the entire workflow from sensor-level software development to data analysis and methodological development. She has worked as a software developer for several versions of the laboratory's spectral imaging system software CubeView. She defended her doctoral thesis in 2022, titled "From sensors to machine vision systems: Exploring machine vision, computer vision and machine learning with hyperspectral imaging applications".

She has been working on the SICSURFIS and Beyond Subwavelength projects. Currently, she is responsible for the FireMan project's deliverables and is a researcher in the Teollisuuden Big Data project. In addition to research, she teaches three courses and creates materials for six courses in machine learning and machine vision and is responsible for establishing a machine vision workshop in the spectral imaging laboratory.

Education: PhD and MSc in computer science, MBA in Entrepreneurship and Business Competence

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Research interests

I develop computational data analytics for various everyday life applications, i.e. I work with more familiar artificial intelligence models. I have developed and am developing methods, e.g. for skin cancer research, observing forest fires, studying rock paintings and examining the operation of industrial lines. My special skills are hyperspectral imaging, machine vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Hyperspectral imaging, spectral imaging, machine vision, machine vision sensors, programming, data analysis, computational data analysis, computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence. Strategic management, marketing and leadership

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