Evidence-based forestry (Näyttö)

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Funder's project number2018070301

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  • 60 000,00

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Project start date01/10/2018

Project end date31/12/2019


The aim of Evidence-based Forestry is to reassert the basic information of the use and management of forests within forest owners, forest managers and other quarters interested in forest. The project promotes objectivity in evaluation of sustainability of forestry and highlights communication as a trailblazer in Finnish evidence-based forest management actions.

The aims of the project are:
1. Synthesize the current knowledge of the impacts of forest management and use on biodiversity.
2. Analyze the impacts of management and restoration using meta-analysis tools to study the factors impacting efficiency of management in larger ensembles (landscape level) instead of individual studies.
3. Reveal knowledge gaps to be targeted in further studies.
4. Create common, fact-based basis between stakeholders allowing discussions of sustainability and acceptability of forest-based business.

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