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Project start date: 01/08/2022

Project end date: 31/12/2024


Central Finland specializes in cyber security expertise and is a nationally and partly internationally known pioneer in cyber security expertise. Universities in the region have strong cyber security expertise; Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (especially the JYVSECTEC Cyber ​​Security Research, Development and Training Center), and the University of Jy-väskylä. In addition to these renowned cyber security research and training experts, the region has cyber security-focused security authorities and state administration actors such as the Defense Forces Command and Control Center, the Air Force Headquarters and KELA. There are also large-scale business operations in Central Finland, such as the Finnish separate networks OY, Elisa, Telia, Airbus Defense and Space, Combitech, and KPMG.
The Central Finland Strategy (2025–2050, identifies the same special expertise. In line with the strategy, digitalisation is at the forefront of growth, with cyber security being mentioned as a special asset. The future prospects for the strategy period are the growth of cyber threats, which will bring demands on competence, which is why the understanding and competence of technology and cyber security will be emphasized in the future.
The region of Central Finland (especially the Jyväskylä region) is a well-known pioneer and expert in cyber security, but this special expertise is not recognized nationally except in small areas of the cyber security industry. To date, key actors in the region have focused on developing and communicating national cyber resilience and related competencies. However, the candle should no longer be kept stable, as the importance of cybersecurity as part of the nation's overall security has become more prominent due to the recent significant changes in the security environment. Therefore, cyber security expertise plays a more significant role and demand, which is why it is necessary to invest resources in increasing the awareness of the cyber security potential of the Central Finland region through a separate project. It will enable both the region and its actors to succeed in competing for a skilled workforce, the location of new players in the region, both national and international investment and RDI funding.

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