Re-thinking plastics in a sustainable circular economy (PlastLIFE)

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Project start date01/12/2022

Project end date30/11/2029


The global production of virgin plastics has increased 20-fold since the 1960s. Despite the many benefits of plastics, they cause major environmental and health problems. There is an urgent need for global action to direct the transition into a safe and sustainable circular economy of plastics. PlastLIFE tackles the plastic challenge by implementing the four objectives of the Plastic Roadmap for Finland (PRfF, 2019 - 2031): (O1) reduce littering and other negative impacts caused by plastics, (O2) refuse from unnecessary consumption of plastics, (O3) increase recycling of all types of plastics and (O4) replace fossil plastics with bio-based materials and/or other solutions. These objectives are achieved through nine work packages that are designed to directly respond to the measures proposed by the PRfF. PlastLIFE will identify and implement safe and sustainable solutions related to plastic production, consumption and recycling at different sectors and develop policy tools and reliable indicators. The 17 project beneficiaries and
stakeholder networks bring together all the most relevant actors needed for the change. Together with the complementary projects PlastLIFE aims at the full implementation of the PRfF in all geographical regions of Finland. The project has ambitious quantitative
targets for increasing recycling, reducing littering and demand for virgin fossil based plastic as well as achieving a measurable
change in the Finnish citizens’ behaviour. The objectives of PlastLIFE and PRfF are closely linked to EU and global plastics and circular
economy strategies, action plans and targets. The project supports the targets of the LIFE programme by facilitating the transition
into sustainable, circular, toxic-free, energy efficient and climate-resilient economy and by helping to improve the quality of the environment and natural resources such as soil and water that are increasingly polluted and harmed by plastic waste.

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