Digital competence in teacher training in the Nordic countries (DICOMTEN)

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Funder's project numberNPHE-2020/10184

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Project start date15/05/2020

Project end date01/05/2022


The purpose of Digital competence in teacher training (TT) in the Nordic countries (DICOMTEN) is to establish a new Nordic network on the topic. This is a highly important, but not systematically addressed development area within higher education in the Nordic countries. The crucial question is “how to”? The eight partners from six countries were selected on the basis of their ongoing activity to develop professional digital competence (PDC) among teacher trainers and students or in-service teachers. The motivation for all partners to join the network is its potential to value added to their own development work in TT. We apply a comprehensive approach to cover PDC in TT and use the TPACK model (Technological-Pedagogical-Content-Knowledge) to guide and structure the network activities. The goals of the network are to promote the theoretical and practical work in TT and related dialogue across the Nordics in this complex and contested topic in the context of the 21st century school; to contribute to development of teacher trainers' and pre-service teachers’ PDC, and; to develop joint R&D applications to other international sources (e.g. H2020, Erasmus+). Besides networking, a central activity will be planning and implementing edtech pilots with students by each partner. The network is planned for three years, 2020-2023 with an aim at long-term, sustainable collaboration. The network partners are teacher training institutes at University College Copenhagen, Tallinn University, University of Jyvaskyla, University of Iceland, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, NTNU, Linnaeus University, coordinated by the University of Stavanger.

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