The public service pledge in the Finnish reform of social and health care services - a rural perspective.

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Funder's project number355/03.01.03/2017

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Project start date01/09/2017

Project end date31/08/2018


The project examines early versions of the regional service pledge by the Finnish state that guides the principles of how the regional provision of services will be organized in the Finnish regions in the future. The project examines how local conditions are recognized in the planning and organization of regional social and welfare services, including the ways in which rural inhabitants can participate and influence service provision. The aim is to promote a rural perspective on regional reform and advance the dialogue between different interest groups. Action research is applied as a research method in two case study areas of Siun sote (North Karelia) and Soite (Central Ostrobothnia). The research produces new information for policy-makers who are active in the social and health service reform.

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