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Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care : A Multi-theoretical perspective on research and practice (2022)

Harju-Luukkainen, H., Kangas, J., & Garvis, S. (Eds.). (2022). Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care : A Multi-theoretical perspective on research and practice. Springer. Early Childhood Research and Education : An Inter-theoretical Focus. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-95512-0

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All authors or editorsHarju-Luukkainen, Heidi; Kangas, Jonna; Garvis, Susanne



Journal or seriesEarly Childhood Research and Education : An Inter-theoretical Focus



Publication year2022

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Place of PublicationCham

Publication countrySwitzerland

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This book highlights contemporary questions around Early Childhood Education in Finland. It explores a range of issues relating to policies and practices in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). The book features many aspects of the so-called Nordic model that is evident in different practices and policies of the Finnish ECEC system. Among others topics, it discusses playful learning, storycrafting, scientific literacy, pedagogical leadership, family-related variables, and Sami language learning. The findings provide important insights into the Finnish ECEC model and illustrate relevant issues facing Finland. All of the 14 chapters present unique research and give the reader the opportunity to understand how the ECEC services during children’s early years are defined and implemented. Each chapter includes a discussion of the educational outcome and highlights critical perspectives.
In Finland ECEC is seen as an investment in the future. The Finnish ECEC system is one of the most equal in the world. The high-quality education is available to both private and public sectors. National curriculum and laws for early education have gone through a significant reform during the last decade, with the quality, practices and teachers’ competences being defined in order to support children’s future learning skills. ECEC in Finland is a unique combination of international influences and local intentions to put each child and family at the centre of the services. The systematic and goal-oriented ECEC system consists of upbringing, education and care with an emphasis on pedagogy in order to produce excellence for the future. Its overall planning, guidance and monitoring system is one of a kind.

Keywordsearly childhood education and carecurriculapedagogyeducational methodseducation policylanguage policy

Free keywordsFinnish policies and practices in education; playful learning in policy and practice; Finnish method of Storycrafting in early childhood education; multiliteracy in early childhood education in Finland; playful scientific literacy in Finland; language ideology in Finland; active agency based child in Finnish education; north Sami language nest in Finnish early childhood education; nationalism in Finnish early childhood education

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