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Work Ability, Satisfaction with Life, and Aging Small Business Owners’ Exit to Retirement (2023)

Von Bonsdorff, M., Rönkkö, M., & Mansikkamäki, S. R. E. (2023). Work Ability, Satisfaction with Life, and Aging Small Business Owners’ Exit to Retirement. In S. Taneja (Ed.), Annual Meeting Proceedings : Boston 2023 (2023, pp. -). Academy of Management. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, 2023. https://doi.org/10.5465/AMPROC.2023.17335abstract

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All authors or editorsVon Bonsdorff, Monika; Rönkkö, Mikko; Mansikkamäki, Susanna Reetta Emilia

Parent publicationAnnual Meeting Proceedings : Boston 2023

Parent publication editorsTaneja, Sonia


  • Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Place and date of conferenceBoston, USA4.-8.8.2023

Journal or seriesAcademy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings



Publication year2023

Publication date24/07/2023

Number in series2023


Issue number1

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PublisherAcademy of Management

Publication countryUnited States

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Entrepreneurs exit their firms for various reasons. For aging entrepreneurs, exiting during late career may be linked to a decline in resources and bring about uncertainty. In the present study, we draw on the job-demand resources model as we examine work ability and the role of life satisfaction in the later career exit phase. Using empirical data from 198 Finnish small business owner-managers who intended to retire within two years from an entrepreneurial career, and employed at least one person in addition to themselves, we found a negative relationship between perceived work ability and company exit. Furthermore, we found that for those small business owners, who reported low or average satisfaction with life, the association between work ability and exit is stronger. Our ?ndings highlight the importance and complexity of the entrepreneur’s late career exit and retirement phase of the life course, as well as the role of work ability and general life satisfaction as a job-resource factor in aging small business owner’s exit.

Keywordsentrepreneurssmall-scale entrepreneursageingretirementwork abilitywork satisfaction

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