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A revised digital media–arena framework guiding strategic communication in digital environments (2023)

Badham, M., Luoma-aho, V., & Valentini, C. (2023). A revised digital media–arena framework guiding strategic communication in digital environments. Journal of Communication Management, Early online. https://doi.org/10.1108/jcom-03-2023-0031

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All authors or editorsBadham, Mark; Luoma-aho, Vilma; Valentini, Chiara

Journal or seriesJournal of Communication Management



Publication year2023

Publication date14/11/2023

VolumeEarly online


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This paper refines the Digital Media–Arena (DMA) framework to address the diversity of stakeholders contributing to the production, (re)appropriation and (re)distribution of organisational messages in digital environments. It also presents a case analysis for the purpose of demonstrating the applicability of the revised conceptual framework to a critical situation.

Grounded in key public relations, corporate communication and strategic communication research, this study first extends the DMA framework by introducing six new forms of media-arenas. Next, the study takes a public sector perspective to analyse the revised framework against a critical situation involving the Finnish prime minister in summer 2022.

The application of the revised DMA framework to analyse the critical situation shows the importance of mapping and understanding diverse discourses across multi-arenas and their communication role in a rapidly unfolding scandal surrounding the prime minister of Finland. Findings also reveal the diversity of stakeholder voices forming their own versions of organisational messages and sometimes converging organisational messages within and across DMAs.

Practical implications
The DMA framework can offer practical suggestions to guide communicators to make strategic choices in what, where, how and with whom they can communicate.

The revised DMA framework contributes expanding the field's knowledge of the strategic communicative use of the digital environment in typically highly volatile and multi-vocal situations by offering instrumental understanding of the conflicting challenge between subjugating and liberating organisational messages across the digital spectrum.

Keywordsorganisational communication and public relationsexternal communicationreputation managementcommunication strategiespoliticiansscandalsdigital media

Free keywordsarenas; digital media-arenas (DMA); digital communication; Finland; organisational message; participatory communication; political figure; scandal; strategic communication management; theoretical framework; voice diversity

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