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The focus of my research is twofold: First, I am interested in educational research, assessment, and development focusing on large-scale international assessment studies such as Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) and Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).
The focal point in these studies is assessing and analyzing educational outcomes worldwide, as well as, by participating country. In addition, various individual and societal factors related to educational outcomes are being studied. Central research questions arise from problems related to educational equity, as well as, from the way the social, economic, structural, and operational changes in society are reflected in educational system and in relevant education policies. Besides to international assessments, these research questions are also relevant in national studies.

Second, my research in the field of fundamental sciences addresses the role of nuclear and atomic physics in the study of fundamental processes and beyond the standard model phenomena, namely the detection of neutrinoless double beta decay, neutrino properties, and the detection of dark matter, and their detailed theoretical description.

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  • eTIMSS 2023
      • VettenrantaJouni
    • Ministry of Education and Culture

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