Intelligent dust control on industrial sites (DustSense)

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Project start date01/04/2024

Project end date31/03/2027


Dusting is a major contributor to air quality, both from a health and an environmental point of view. This is particularly important in industrial areas, where dust can be generated in large quantities in connection with production or the handling of raw materials.

Manufacturing companies have a wide range of dust-related monitoring needs, for example in relation to occupational safety or the environmental impact of their activities. Dust is also a challenge for machinery and equipment, for example.

The Chydenius University Centre in Kokkola is an expert in intelligent monitoring solutions and this project would develop these intelligent monitoring solutions based on sensor networks and IoT technologies to address in particular the above-mentioned dust-related challenges for industrial operators. Intelligent monitoring solutions will allow monitoring from multiple points over a wide area simultaneously and continuously.

The project aims to develop solutions that allow for a wide range of dust monitoring. In practice, this means targeted and accurate measurements for the specific needs of different companies, as well as the measurement of dust levels over an entire industrial area. Innovative solutions such as mobile dust collectors will also be piloted to map dust levels in the industrial estate. The main focus will be on observing changes in dust levels relative to normal levels, rather than on the number of particles at individual points.

The project will provide companies with modern, intelligent solutions for their specific dust monitoring needs. The fact that an industrial estate pays attention to and monitors the air quality in its area will have a positive impact on the image of the industrial estate in the eyes of potential job seekers. The industrial estate will have a high demand for labour in the near future and a positive image in the eyes of job seekers is important. Furthermore, when an industrial estate demonstrates that it is following and taking action on the issue of redundancy, it also increases the social legitimacy of industrial activity in the eyes of the surrounding society and citizens.

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