Development of teaching services ecosystem using physiological data and intelligent systems (KoKemus/DeTermine) (KoKemus)

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Project start date01/08/2019

Project end date30/06/2022


This project strengthens the knowledge economy and initiate the build-up of ‘adult education and simulation assisted learning ecosystem’ in Central FInland. Companies and organizations producing educational services will be incorporated into trans-methodological analysis of the learning situations. The resulting new information is offered to the participants allowing them to develop and improve their educational services with the support from the multidisciplinary team of experts from the University of Jyväskylä. Project participants are significant contributors to the andragogic education, and development and usage of simulation environments.
This project benefits from the interdisciplinary expertise of JYU team covering adult and teacher education, neuroscience, psychology and cognitive sciences. The collaboration with participating companies and organizations will involve their every-day teaching and training services to which modern new elements are introduced using novel psychophysiological research methods. Within this project experiential and physiological phenomena are studied during different learning situations and learner-teacher interaction. Learning and interactions is followed and recorded in different teaching/training contexts: security and natural resource area training situations utilizing simulation environments, as well as training situations within healthcare and wellbeing sector.. This project brings together significant institutional and business actors in adult education sector and reports the output of this development work for the benefit of the local expertise cluster. Thereafter, the project provides possibilities to strengthen the leadership, knowledge and innovation actions of the local SME sector.
The project focuses on simulation and adult education services thereby specifically offering the participating companies novel understanding about learning in adults and learning related factors. Subsequently, the project can be defined as a co-innovation and joint development process that will enhance the participants’ overall capabilities and innovativeness in providing new educational services. These capabilities allow the creation of more effective services and improved learning outcomes thereby supporting the competitiveness and growth of the local SME in the adult education sector. The development and optimization of psychophysiological measurement techniques and automated analysis methods, e.g. wearable measurement devices, big data machine learning and advanced AI techniques in natural language processing will offer the education and learning experts new opportunities to support and monitor learning in and outside of the classrooms.
During the project, cooperation, shared expertise and development of the education processes between the service providers will strengthen supporting the formation of an ecosystem between the different parts and actors of the regional educational cluster. Throughout the project, in all actions, such as the educational pilot trials, the principles of equality and sustainable development are maintained. This project created new knowledge and expertise in educational services and educational product development significantly influencing also the national and international teaching and training practices as well as educational model and product development.

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