Miriam Nokia

General description

I work at the Department of Psychology in research and teaching duties, as an Associate Professor. I have a long experience in behavioral neuroscience research. My specialty is electrophysiological measurements and analysis of measured signals in relation to behavior.

Active JYU affiliations

Research interests

I am interested in how memories are created and stored in the brain. I am particularly interested in the functioning of the hippocampus, as it is an important brain structure especially in the formation of so-called episodic memories of life events. In addition, I am currently researching how the body's rhythmic activity, mainly heart rate and breathing, regulates learning. I am also interested in the effects of physical fitness and training on learning ability.

Fields of science

Follow-up groups

Personal keywords

hippocampus; learning; memory; electrophysiology;

Keywords (YSO)

Projects as Principal investigator

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Publications and other outputs

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