The effects of teacher-student interactions on child outcomes: Behavioral and
psychophysiological mechanisms

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Project start date01/09/2018

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Quality of interactions between teacher and students in a classroom and teacher attention (gaze behavior) are known to contribute to effective teaching. Challenges and increased demands in classrooms may inhibit teachers’ executive functioning and cause stress and thereby limit their ability to engage in supportive interactions with students. Teacher’s dysregulation due to deficits in executive functioning or stressful environment can lead to spillover from teacher to students. The aim of the study is to investigate the behavioral and psychophysiological mechanisms of teacher-child interactions and the effect of teacher stress and teacher-child interactions on students’ self-system processes, stress and academic and social outcomes. We will follow longitudinally 50 classrooms from kindergarten to grade 3 (a total of 150 teachers and 500 students with their parents). The quality of video recorded teacher-child interactions will be assessed using the CLASS and ECCOM. Teacher gaze behavior will be measured by SMI eye-tracking device. Stress responses will be measured through salivary cortisol (a total of 18 times from teachers, and 3 times from the students) are used to assess heart rate variability, wellbeing and indicators of stress. Instrumentation includes also teacher questionnaires to teachers (e.g. perceived stress, exhaustion, self-efficacy beliefs, and executive functioning) and parents (e.g. background, home literacy/math environment), and assessments of children’s academic skills, achievement behaviors, motivation, social skills, and self-regulation. Results will inform teacher training and school development regarding teacher stress and well-being, coping and attention, and their associations to classroom interaction and child outcomes.

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