Merja Kauppinen

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I'm working as an university lecturer in Finnish language and literature on the Department of Teacher Education. I have courses of language and interaction, as well as basic education studies and seminars. I'm supervising theses (candidate's thesis, master's thesis, doctoral thesis) and arranging in-service training for teachers. Further, I'm producing lerarning material. I have a qualification of a poetry therapy instructor.

I working in the TARU® programme (StoRE - Stories for Readers), which is literary education concept. The pedagogy of reading and literature based on research is in the core of the programme. My research also focuses on learning and instruction of multiliteracies, evaluating language skills and developing teachers' professional skills.

Fields of science: education, linguistics, literature

Key words: literature education, multiliteracy, language pedagogy, arts-based learning, Finnish and literature

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My study concentrates on reading literacy and its development from early childhood education to higher education. Writing and producing texts in different contexts (multiliteracy) are also subjects of my research. Literature education in accordance with the TARU® - Stories make Readers program, assessment of language skills, arts-based learning and the development of teachers' professional learning are among my research topics.

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literature education, multiliteracy, language pedagogy, arts-based learning, Finnish and literature, teacher education

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