Mirja Tarnanen

General description

I work as a professor of language education at the Department of teacher education and serve as the vice dean responsible for education at the Faculty of education and psychology.

My key roles in societal interaction are:

  • Chair of the Opinkirjo Development Center's board
  • Chair of the National Certificate of Language Proficiency Committee, Finnish National Agency for Education
  • Member of the Teacher Education Forum, Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Assistant member of the Matriculation Examination Board, censor of Finnish language and literature.

Active JYU affiliations

Research interests

My research areas include language issues in education, culturally and linguistically diverse school communities, professional development of teachers, development of teacher education, and the development of pedagogy that utilizes active learning approaches and multidisciplinarity/phenomenon-based learning.

Fields of science

Follow-up groups

Projects as Principal investigator

Projects as Team Member

Publications and other outputs

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