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Leadership in Educational Contexts in Finland : Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives (2024)

Ahtiainen, R., Hanhimäki, E., Leinonen, J., Risku, M., & Smeds-Nylund, A.-S. (Eds.). (2024). Leadership in Educational Contexts in Finland : Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives. Springer. Educational Governance Research, 23. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-37604-7

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All authors or editorsAhtiainen, Raisa; Hanhimäki, Eija; Leinonen, Jaana; Risku, Mika; Smeds-Nylund, Ann-Sofie

Parent publication editorsAhtiainen Raisa; Hanhimäki Eija; Leinonen Jaana; Risku Mika; Smeds-Nylund Ann-Sofie



Journal or seriesEducational Governance Research



Publication year2024

Number in series23

Number of pages in the book390


Place of PublicationCham

Publication countrySwitzerland

Publication languageEnglish


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This open access book provides a comprehensive overview and in-depth coverage of contemporary aspects of leadership in the field of education in Finland. It brings together Finnish scholars to critically explore and discuss leadership in education in the context of the Finnish education system and in relation to international discourses around the topic.

It discusses the phenomenon of leadership in educational contexts through several novel empirical and theoretical research designs. It includes themes such as distributed leadership and collaborative governance, changing aspects in the leadership profession, and contradictions in everyday organizational practices and realities. The work also combines conceptual discussions in educational and pedagogical leadership to analyze and to clarify the theoretical and conceptual multidimensionality and ambiguities.

KeywordsCOVID-19schools (educational institutions)education and trainingpupilsschool-age childrenteachersteacherhoodteaching and instructionpedagogical leadershipleadership (activity)service designwell-beingwell-being at workdecision making

Free keywordsopen access; educational leadership development; Finnish pedagogical leadership; pedagogical leadership in Finnish education; educational leadership models; moral professionalism; diversity in school communities; everyday educational leadership; service design thinking; principals’ occupational wellbeing; COVID-19 epidemic; participating teachers in decision-making; multiagency collaboration; wellbeing of school-aged children; wellbeing of school-aged adolescents; teachers’ collaborative leadership; school well-being

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